Bruno Vieira

PhD Student in Bioinformatics and Population Genomics

Current Projects


Universal and modular bioinformatics
I started this open source project because I want my computational methods to be reproducible and reusable.


"Git for data"
I'm a team member on this open source project. I also use Dat in my PhD with Bionode.

Previous Projects


Crowdsourcing platform for gene annotation
This project was started by Anurag Pryam a few year before I started working on it. I added some features and fixed some bugs. I also added continuous integration with Docker.

Funded by


XIV Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology
I was the sole developer working on the website and admin infrasctructure (registration, abstracts submission, etc), and built it using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Redis, Jade, Stylus, Bootstrap, etc. We had around 1500 delegates, 400 talks (some available on youtube) and 800 posters.

The first social network for developers and the tech community
I worked a few months for, before starting my PhD, and implemented the integration with the LinkedIn API.


Computational Biology & Population Genomics Group
After my masters, I worked four year in this group. I published 3 papers (one as first author) and spent a year and a half in the organization team of ESEB 2013. I was also sysadmin for the HPC and webmaster. The first versions of the group website were in Joomla, the latest is in Node.js and Angular. I helped with teaching and also organized an one week introductory Python course for biologists.